2015-11-02 14.59.18Eol has built friendship links with China for more than 10 years.
Today, Sports and lifestyle take a bigger and bigger part of the chinese people concerns.
Chinese government also promotes the practice of sports.

In 2015 EOL decided to open an office in Shanghai in order to answer to the demand of brands who would like to use the Sports and lifestyle trend in their communication in China.
SLIDE48EOL agency is associated in China with experts of events organization, digitale communication, and Media Relations in China from 12 years, the SuperGroup, including K2 Asia, SuperBla and SuperPress.

Thanks to the expertise of EOL in Sports and especially in nautical sports, but also in skiing, running…and life- style environment, and the expérience of SuperGroup in China on the chinese market, we can propose to brands original lifestyle and sports communication programs in China :
> Events creation
> Events sponsorship
> Performance or sponsorship of famous people in sports
> Amazing hospitality programs for guests (clients, Media)