Invite your clients to spend an unforgettable experience

> During a mythical event : America’s Cup, Voiles de St Tropez,  Tour de Belle-Ile…

> Sailing on an outstanding yachts : 60-foot Trimaran, 25m traditional yacht…


eol has the skills, the network, and the experience to offer you custom-built operations adapted to your needs, and manage them :

Organisation of your own race(s) under the supervision of professional skippers and coaches

Sailing on racing boats or traditional yachts

> Meeting famous skippers and sharing their experiences

Organizing skipper’s interventions and speeches during workshops and conferences


Case study :

Upscale Public Relations Operation

The London subsidiary of a prestigious American merchant bank, requested that the eol agency offers them a top of the range Public Relations event so as to be able to invite some of its French clients.


eol identified the following context :

> 24 people in total
5 people from the enterprise + 19 clients invited

> Type of clients
Businessmen and women / French / 30-45 yrs old / People very often solicited for Public Relations operations / Guests with an extremely busy schedule


By basing itself on an analysis of the context, the constraints and demands of its client, the eol agency was able to offer the company a pertinent Public Relations operation as well as putting the whole thing together themselves.

1/ Date and duration

During the week, preferably on a Friday as they are not invited as couples and consequently prefer not to go away for the weekend. Friday is generally an easier day for them to be absent from the office.
24hrs maximum as they have a heavy schedule.

2/ Place

In La Trinité sur Mer in Southern Brittany, for reasons of ease and rapidity of access by high speed train from Paris and for the environment : natural beauty of the site / climate.
The site is very well suited to day sails; the bay of Quiberon is protected from the offshore waves; the climate there is often less harsh than in Northern Brittany or in the Channel, and the fabulous land and seascapes (close to the islands of Houat, Hoëdic, Belle-île and the Golfe du Morbihan…)

3/ Type of sailing, type of boats

Extreme, sensational, exceptional !

The eol agency took into account the fairly young age (30-45 yrs old) of the guests as well as the fact that they are accustomed to top of the range Public Relations operations. This was reflected in the choice of boats and the rhythm of the day’s sailing.

Three exceptional racing yachts were hired for the day and each of the guests were able to get a taster of the powerful sensations of the speed and power of each of the three boats. Three teams of eight guests were trained up, each of them able to sail on the the three yachts in turn during the day.

Thanks to the experience of the professional crews and famous skippers aboard each boat, all the guests were able to participate in the manœuvres and take the helm of the these Formula 1’s of the seas, peaking at times at over 30 knots of boat speed!



eol organised the whole of this particular operation, from the arrival of the guests at the station on Thursday evening until their return at teatime on Friday.

The entire operation was arranged to the last detail from the arrival cocktail to the return by taxi, including a personalised gift for each guest, the choice of hotel room and the menu for the meals.

The members of the eol agency were naturally on site to take care of the guests and reply to their every need.